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Golf Mk2 USB Charger

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DIGIFIZmini High Power USB Charger

  • 5 V, 2.4 A (12W)
  • with cable compensation

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  • State of the art automotive qualified power supply and USB charging port controller
  • High accuracy 5V supply: Less stress for the connected device
  • Maximum USB Type-A power delivery (2.4 A): Supported devices will load almost twice as fast
  • Excellent Efficiency (>90%): USB charger won't overheat
  • Very small standby current (<0.5 mA): No load for the car battery if no device is charging
  • Voltage drops across USB cable are compensated (cable compensation): Ensures maximum power at the device

Wiring Versions

  • no wiring: only connector housing and crimp contacts are included
  • DIY wiring: all necessary cables, connectors and contacts will be included, but still need to be assembled
  • PnP wiring: a completely assembled wiring harness which allows plug and play installation

Components included

  • DIGIFIZmini
  • Connector housing
  • Crimp contacts (optionally preassembled)
  • optional: wiring

Required installation material

  • 0.35 - (0.5) mm² wire (22 - (20) AWG)
  • Connection material

Installation notes

USB Charger

Please carefully read these instructions before ordering. If you are not capable of installing our products yourself please contact us.