About us

Once upon a time, it must have been in the late 80's, monochrome 7-segment LCDs were all the rage. Some automobile manufacturer were convinced that these kinds of displays would make up a great instrument cluster. Same at Volkswagen, so they developed the DIGIFIZ, the DIGItal Fahrer (driver) Informations Zentrum (center), including a rabbit on the PCB. Unfortunately not many customers were equally convinced by this new technology, so it remained a very rare configuration. 25 years later the DIGIFIZ is sought after more than ever but not easy to get hold of. That's why we have created the DIGIFIZmini, with it's perfect OEM look it offers every style conscious Mk2 driver the possibility to get the same kind of unique retro hightech feeling within his car.

The DIGIFIZmini is a 4 digit LED display designed to fit inside the cover of unused openings in your Golf Mk2 dashboard. It has two data inputs. The primary input can be selected to be either an analog input supporting voltages and resistive sensors or a digital serial input. Using the serial input the DIGIFIZmini is able to display any data from your favorite aftermarket data acquisition systems, for example Tech Edge's WBo2 wideband lambda controller. The secondary input is an analog voltage input used to control the symbol brightness. The DIGIFIZmini comes with its own onboard power supply being able to run off battery voltages ranging from 4V to 40V.