Frequently Asked Questions

Will the gauges work with my model/engine?

Yes, our gauges will work with any model and engine. Some gauges might require the installation of an additional sensors to the engine.

What is needed to install the gauges?

0.35 mm² wire (22 AWG) should be used to connect our gauges. Each gauge comes with connector and contacts to build a wiring harness. Universal wiring kits are available from us if no suitable wiring is at hand. To connect aftermarket electronics like our gauges to a vehicle different methods are common, i.e. quick or butt splice connectors, soldering is generally not recommended. Connection material is not included. If you don't feel comfortable working on your vehicle's electronics, please consider our Plug&Play solutions. If a gauge requires an external sensor it is stated in the product description. Sensors are not included with the gauge. 

What exactly are the Plug&Play parts?

We offer Plug&Play solutions for the majority of our products. A Plug&Play solution allows installation with minimal effort, as all parts needed to connect the product are included and preassembled. The different kits are constructed in a way which allows connection to the vehicle electronic by simple plugging in. For the Plug&Play installation of our USB charger only the PnP Wiring Kit itself is required. The Plug&Play solution for gauges consists of two different parts. One Base Kit is required per vehicle to prepare the central electric (fuse box) with the required power distributors. Once fitted with a Base Kit up to three gauges can be connected using Plug&Play Wiring. To connect more than three gauges a Plug&Play Extension Kit is available.

Are the Plug&Play parts required?

No, our Plug&Play solutions are only an option. They are meant for those who don't want to work on the wiring themselves.