Core Charge

As of December 2020 no core charge is added to the shipping costs anymore. Customers who have ordered before can still send back their used blanks and get a refund. The following text is kept for reference.

All our gauges are built from reconditioned, original blanks. To not run out of blanks, we need your unused blanks after you have installed your DIGIFIZminis. The core charge is added to the shipping costs and will be refunded once we receive your blanks. It is not mandatory to return your unused blanks, if for example shipping costs would be higher than the core charge. In this case we will use the core charge to obtain blanks from a different source.

Additionally you can send us more blanks than gauges purchased and we will value this with a higher reimbursement.

The following table shows which blanks we are currently accepting.

Returned product


Blank of an ordered gauge (core charge)5,00 €

Additional Golf Mk2 blanks (191 957 087)

1,00 €

Additional Passat 35i, Corrado, Polo 86c blanks (357 957 087)

2,00 €


Please send your blanks to the following address:

Peter Seibold
Lehrer-Vogl-Weg 32a
83623 Baiernrain