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Universal DIY Gauge

  • Voltmeter
  • Oil, Water or Air Temperature
  • Oil or Fuel Pressure
  • Boost
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature
  • Wideband AFR

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custom order

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Lead time: 10 working days

  • metric
  • imperial
  • Lambda
  • AFR
  • none
  • QDSP-6064


More info


  • Microcontroller based, digital gauge
  • for 4-digit, 7-segment LED displays with common cathode
  • 20 mA, 2.2 V per segment
  • brightness can be adjusted with current limiting resistors

Supported sensors

  • Voltmeter: no sensor required
  • Oil Temperature: Beru ST118 or VW OEM 12V 150°C (049 919 563 A, 1H0 919 563)
  • Outside Air Temperature: BERU ST112
  • Intake Air Temperature: Beru ST036
  • Oil Pressure: 03C906051A,AB Elektronik 96770,VDO 5 bar or 10 bar
  • Boost: no sensor required
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature: Type K Thermocouple
  • Wideband AFR: Innovate LC-1 and LC-2, AEM UEGO, Tech Edge WBo2, L-MW

Components included

  • DIGIFIZmini PCB (17.2 x 33.4 mm)
  • optionally incl. QDSP-6064 7-segment display

Required installation material

  • 0.35 - (0.5) mm² wire (22 - (20) AWG)
  • Connection material
  • sensor depending on type
  • 4 digit 7-segment display (common cathode)

Installation notes


Oil Temperature

Outside Air Temperature

Intake Air Temperature

Oil Pressure


Wideband AFR

Exhaust Gas Temperature

Please carefully read these instructions before ordering. If you have any questions about our installation notes or you have any problems with the instalation please contact us.