DIGIFIZmini GL Turbo Boost

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VW Golf Mk2 Turbo Boost Gauge

  • -0.85 - 3 bar (metric)
  • -12 - 43 psi (imperial)

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  • metric
  • imperial


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  • Vacuum/Boost range: -0.85 bar - 3 bar or -12 - 43 psi
  • Resolution: 0.05 bar or 1.0 psi
  • Microcontroller based, digital gauge
  • 4-digit, 7-segment LED Display
  • Simple mounting: just swap for an unused blank
  • Symbol brightness changes with dashboard brightness

Supported sensors

DIGIFIZmini boost gauges have an integrated pressure sensor. This sensor gets connected to the boost system through vacuum hosing. We recommend to install a filter (e.g. 034 131 527) in the line going to the gauge. Especially engines which tend to pump oil through the crankcase ventilation system into the intake need to be equipped with an inline air filter. Boost gauges with defective pressure sensors due to oil are excluded from warranty.

Components included

  • DIGIFIZmini
  • Connector housing
  • Crimp contacts
  • Vacuum Hose

Required installation material

  • 0.35 - (0.5) mm² wire (22 - (20) AWG)
  • Connection material

Installation notes


Please carefully read these instructions before ordering. If you are not capable of installing our gauges yourself please contact us.