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DIGIFIZmini GL Coolant Temperature

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VW Golf Mk2 Coolant Temperature Gauge

  • 0 °C - 200 °C (metric)
  • 32 °F - 392 °F (imperial)

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  • metric
  • imperial


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  • Temperature range: 0 °C - 200 °C or 32 °F - 392 °F
  • Resolution: 1 °
  • Microcontroller based, digital gauge
  • 4-digit, 7-segment LED Display
  • Simple mounting: just swap for an unused blank
  • Symbol brightness changes with dashboard brightness

Supported sensors

  • OEM: 027 919 501 (12V 120 °C), 049 919 501 (12V 125 °C), 251 919 501 D
  • DELPHI TS10331/BERU ST118

DIGIFIZmini coolant temperature gauges support the original sensors, but can not be connected in parallel with the original or any other gauge to one sensor. Please install a dedicated sensor for the DIGIFIZmini or disconnect the original gauge.

For an 8V engine the left cylinder head water flange from an AC equipped car (068 121 145 Q) can be used, which can house an additional clip style temperature sensor (251 919 501 D). 16V engines usually have a free M10x1 thread next to the water flange. We recommend the usage of the DELPHI TS10331 sensor with a 16V. This sensor has floating ground, which enables higher accuracy. Due to ground shifts single pole sensors are subjected to measurement errors.

The characteristics of the TS10331 are different from those of the original sensors. A gauge configured for the use with the original sensors will therefore show wrong values when connected to a TS10331, or vice versa.

Components included

  • DIGIFIZmini
  • Connector housing
  • Crimp contacts

Required installation material

  • 0.35 - (0.5) mm² wire (22 - (20) AWG)
  • Connection material
  • Sensor

Installation notes

Coolant Temperature

Please carefully read these instructions before ordering. If you are not capable of installing our gauges yourself please contact us.