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DIGIFIZmini GL Air Ride

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VW Golf Mk2 Air Ride Pressure Gauge

  • 0 - 10 bar (metric)
  • 0 - 145 psi (imperial)

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  • metric
  • imperial


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    • Pressure range: 0 - 10 bar or 0 - 145 psi (relative)
    • Resolution: 0.1 bar or 1 psi
    • Microcontroller based, digital gauge
    • 4-digit, 7-segment LED Display
    • Simple mounting: just swap for an unused blank
    • Symbol brightness changes with dashboard brightness

    Supported sensors

    We recommend the usage of the AB Elektronik 96770 pressure sensor together with a DIGIFIZmini pressure gauge. This sensor allows for a much better accuracy, as the classic VDO pressure sensor. Classic pressure sensors are sufficient for the use with anolog gauges, where imprecisions in the range of 0.1 bar (1 psi) are not noticeable, which is different with a digital gauge. But for customers, who already have a setup using a classic pressure sensor and only want to replace their analog gauge with a DIGIFIZmini, we also offer a gauge supporting the classic VDO sensor.

    A DIGIFIZmini, which is configured for the use with a 96770 pressure sensor, won't work with a VDO sensor, and vice versa.

    Components included

    • DIGIFIZmini
    • Connector housing
    • Crimp contacts

    Required installation material

    • 0.35 - (0.5) mm² wire (20 AWG)
    • Connection material
    • Sensor

    Installation notes

    Air Ride Pressure

    Please carefully read these instructions before ordering. If you are not capable of installing our gauges yourself please contact us.